Welcome to my portfolio. I’m Natalie Lyon, a recent graduate of Drexel’s M.S. Digital Media program, where I had a focus in educational technology. I am currently working as an Instructional Technologist for Indiana University, making custom tech tools and games and managing outside and LMS tools for hybrid and online courses.

For my thesis, I created a two-player cooperative mobile game for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders to learn speech skills like expressive and receptive prosody. I also have a B.A. in linguistics at Dartmouth College. After that, I spent a year working in my hometown at the Indianapolis Public Library Learning Curve creating and teaching programs to kids that promote technological literacy.

Whether for work or fun, I’ve always been interested in the intersection of art, science, and technology, and how we can learn all of them. Through my time as a lab assistant in a Dartmouth Cognitive Neuroscience laboratory examining animacy and the Uncanny Valley effect, I got a glimpse into how the human brain handles all of that at once. I worked in labs at Eli Lilly and IUPUI at a young age on projects that sparked my scientific curiosity. I also got the chance to work with developmentally disabled children the summer after high school and have had an interest in teaching ever since, so I continued to be a tutor through college.

While in Philadelphia, I worked on projects involving 3D animation (including for full domes), game design, virtual reality, and speech and language learning, while also working at the Univesity of Pennsylvania in the Weigle Information Commons at Van Pelt library. Over there, I got to teach workshops on ed-tech topics, and I also work on some web, video, and design projects for the library while helping out with teaching, events, and managing the space.

Feel free to look around and see some of the things I’ve been working on, and thanks for stopping by. Here’s a short list to choose from for getting started perusing:

Space gARden (Augmented and virtual reality project for Oculus Rift, Leap Motion, and OVR Vision)
Feeling Factory (Two-Player cooperative game for children with ASD to learn prosody skills)
Geoff the Destroyer (Short animation about an alien on a mission to destroy Earth, but has crashed on the moon)
2D Gallery (Multimedia pieces including portraits, concept art, posters, and digital stills)
Resume (Including downloadable pdfs of my resume and CV)