I design, produce, and create games. Here’s a sample of some of my previous work.

Space gARden

Check out Space gARden, a combination AR/VR experience using the Oculus Rift DK2 and OVRVision, navigated using the LEAP motion and AR markers, creating 3D elements that mix with the real world. A mysterious message arrives for the player, and guides them through creating plant creatures on new worlds throughout space. Preview your designs through portals, and interact with them to explore how you can effect your new worlds. I worked as the producer of this project, and also did the sound design and some animation.

Feeling Factory

Check out Feeling Factory, the game I created as part of my thesis project, which won the 2015 Drexel University Graduate Research Award. Previous research has shown that children with Autism Spectrum Disorders tend to struggle with correctly identifying and producing prosodic cues and may have a predilection for using computer and games. However, there are currently no digital games that target prosody production and perception. The design of the digital game Feeling Factory explores how to combine prosodic speech therapy techniques with game design techniques. The goal of the game is to improve emotional and grammatical, productive and receptive prosody in high-functioning children with ASD. Feeling Factory uses a two-player design in order to balance engagement via the digital game with contextual generalizability via in-person conversation. A feasibility study was conducted consisting of semi-structured interviews with a panel of experts and children with ASD to help determine the potential benefits of this design model. The study resulted in a high recommendation from both groups.  This was a solo project.

Little Newton

Check out Little Newton, a game that teaches some basic physics concepts along with 3D defense game fun. It won an Honorable Mention at Drexel Reasearch Day 2014 (announcement here) and was published in the Proceedings of CHI Play ’14 (available here). I worked as the producer and designer of this project.

Demo (Note: Requires the Unity Web Player extension)

Project Blog

Gameplay Preview Video